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16 April 2011 @ 04:27 pm
Crossover Fic: Awakenings (Interlude 1)  
Title: Awakenings
Author: chesauroshin
Characters/Pairing: Shinji, Roxas, Quatre, ensemble. Various yaoi and het pairings.
Rating: PG
Summary: Post-KH2. Crossover with Neon Genesis Evangelion, Gundam Wing, and FF7: Advent Children; familiarity with all source media is not necessary. Post-End of Evangelion, anime timeline, but with some elements from the manga. Post-series Gundam Wing, no-movie AU. When Shinji Ikari met the three strange teens with mysterious weapons called Keyblades, he didn’t expect that he would be able to wield one as well, nor did he expect to be taken on a journey to various worlds, stopping the threat of the Heartless and finding the Awakened. For a boy who only wants to be at peace, how will he deal with this strange new set of circumstances? When the threads of the past interweave with the events of the present, what future will he make?
A/N: Many thanks to my two lovely betas, wayya and cozzybob. This idea has been rolling around in my head for a very long time. This is the Kingdom Hearts universe told from an outsider’s point of view, so familiarity with the games is not necessary, although there will be spoilers for at least KH1 and KH2. Familiarity with Gundam Wing is not necessary, either, but it helps. I have not been spoiled for BBS, and this entire fic was plotted out before BBS came out in Japan.

Prologue - Chapter 1 - Chapter 2

Interlude 1 - Roast Beef

Asuka was silent as they boarded the spaceship, Riku and the temporarily-blond Sora carrying Shinji inside, through a small room with a table and charts, and laying him on a bunk bed in what looked like a sleeping berth. Kairi shut the ship’s door behind them, then dashed over to where Shinji was, her flowery keyblade still out. As Kairi held her keyblade over Shinji, she started to chant a spell; green light and a pink flower hovered over Shinji’s unconscious form. These kids who’d come to the beach… they didn’t have any business here.

“He should be okay now,” Sora said, hair brown once more. “Kairi will keep him stable until we get to Radiant Garden.”

“Radiant Garden?” Asuka asked. Sora nodded, and Asuka figured that was probably the ‘world’ those three were from. “…Why did your hair change color like that?” The boy looked surprised for a moment, and then the surprise turned to sheepishness.

“That, uh… that happens, sometimes,” he replied. Riku snorted. “But it’s easier if we wait until Shinji’s awake before explaining things.” Of course they were still keeping things from her and Shinji.

Her and Shinji… why was she thinking of them being grouped together like that? She hated Shinji.

No, that wasn’t completely true. Asuka knew she hated what he’d done, and she knew that she hated how he acted most of the time, but… even after everything, she couldn’t manage to hate him completely. Those uncomfortable, girlish feelings she’d had from before were gone and would probably never return, but now they were the only two people from their world who weren’t in that stupid, orange ocean. That had to mean something, right?

And they had their EVAs back, even though they were called keyblades now.

“Alright,” Kairi said, pulling Asuka out of her thoughts for the time being. “He’s stable now, but he’s probably going to be recovering unconsciously until we get him to Aerith.” The girl’s keyblade had been put away now, and she sat down on one of the other beds in the sleeping area with a sigh.

“You should take a break then,” Sora replied, and Kairi smiled with a thankful expression. “I’ll go finish plotting the course back to Radiant Garden.”

“We’re not going to warp?” Riku asked.

“Once we get back to the main system, we should be able to,” Sora explained, “but I’ll have to do it manual until then.” Riku nodded, and then Sora walked to what Asuka presumed was the cockpit of the ship. Riku turned to Asuka.

“You should get some rest while you can, too,” he said, which annoyed Asuka slightly. That fight might have been tiring, but Asuka didn’t need some pretty-boy telling her what to do. She was about to say this, but was swiftly interrupted by her stomach, which made a low growl. “…Or you can follow me to the galley, and I’ll find something for you to eat.” He shrugged, as if he didn’t care either way. Well… it was either get some food or stay in the snoozefest.

“Sure,” she said, and she bet she could out-shrug him any day of the week. Riku turned and walked through the door they’d come in through without replying. Not about to let him get the best of her, she followed him through the first room, and then into a smaller room with a refrigerator, freezer, stove, countertop, and a booth with a table. Asuka slid into the booth, and Riku went to open the fridge. After some rummaging, he pulled out a loaf of bread and some lettuce.

“Chicken, roast beef, or tuna salad?” Riku asked. Asuka looked up at him. “We just have sandwich stuff, since we’re going to get more supplies in Radiant Garden, but it’ll tide you over until then.” How long had it been since she’d had real meat? And bread. None of those stupid vegetables and strange greens Shinji found.

“…Roast beef,” she answered, and Riku promptly went to work on the sandwich.








“No.” How… domestic of him. After about a minute of silence, in which the only sounds were Riku making the sandwich and the ship’s engine, he placed both a picture-perfect roast beef sandwich on whole wheat bread and a glass of apple juice on the table in front of her. After a couple more moments of silence in which he did not move from his place in front of the table, she looked up at him. He was staring at her.

“Anything you feel like saying?” he asked, as if he was expecting a response.

“…Thank you,” she said, after a beat. His expression didn’t change.

“That wasn’t what I meant.” Asuka felt the irritation rise up inside her again, but at least he got to the point quickly enough.

“Are you ever going to tell us what’s really going on?” She’d got her EVA back, and she’d got on this ship with them, so they owed her an explanation. “Do you really know how to change the ocean back, or are you just saying that so we’ll fight with you?”

“We really can change it back,” Riku replied, moving back to the countertop to put the sandwich ingredients away again, “if we find the right people.” The right people? “It’d be better if we explained it to you and Shinji all at once, but the bottom line is that we need your help to find certain people, and those people will change the ocean back to how it was before.”

“How do you know these people are going to agree to do this?”

Riku looked over at her.

“Eat your sandwich, it’s good.” She picked it up and took a cautious bite, and it was the most delicious thing she’d eaten in a month. She wasn’t sure if she should be irritated at Riku for that or not, but he seemed satisfied that she was eating it, and continued. “They’re going to owe us a favor,” he said. “They’ll agree to it.” He paused for a moment, then began again. “Besides, you seemed willing enough to fight the Heartless.”

“The Angels,” she agreed.

“The Heartless,” Riku repeated. “Only the ones on your world were called Angels.” Asuka put her sandwich down.

“I hate the Angels,” she said, glaring down at the table, her irritation at Riku’s know-it-all attitude bleeding into the subject she’d really been thinking about since those three, strange teens had appeared on the shore near Tokyo-3. Riku stopped putting sandwich ingredients away. “They’re all dead now, but our world is barely alive anymore. We got told what to do by adults, and no one cared what happened to us as long as we kept killing them. They’re hideous, they destroy everything in their path, they make me sick, they-” she cut herself off, and was surprised to find that one of her hands was curled protectively over her chest. “I really hate them,” she repeated, quieter this time and deliberately set her hand back in her lap, where Riku couldn’t see it, along with her other hand, nails digging into her thighs through the skirt of her school uniform. There were a few moments of dead silence, and even over the humming of the engine, Asuka’s breath sounded loud in her ears.

“…Yeah,” Riku said, breaking the quiet. Asuka looked up at him sharply and saw something in his eyes that hadn’t been there a minute ago. Her stomach dropped when she realized that it was probably the same look she had in her own eyes right now, too. “I hate the Heartless, too.” Eventually, he looked away. “You should eat the rest of your sandwich and get some rest.” Back to his normal attitude once more, he finished putting the food back in the fridge. “You and Shinji are new, and we’ll try to accommodate that, but we’ll need to step up the pace if we want to beat those brothers. I’ll be in the cockpit with Sora if you need us, but you should learn to take naps while you can.”

“Sure.” Asuka picked the rest of her sandwich back up, and Riku left the galley. They didn’t talk again until they got to Radiant Garden.
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